Dr. P. C. Kathuria

Diplomate National Board (Resp. Med.) M.D. (Chest) DTCD, FCAI, FCCP Chest Physician & Allergy-Immunotherapy specialist

  • Treasurer in ICAAI

  • Member of NCCP

  • 38 yrs experience in Clinical Practice of Allergy & Asthma Diseases

  • The author of a book on Allergy & Asthma (Hindi)

Dr. P.C. Kathuria. Sr. Consultant, Department of Allergy & Asthma, BLK Super Specialty Hospital & National Allergy Centre, New Delhi, started his career in Clinical practice of Allergy & Asthma in 1980.

He is a senior faculty member of Indian College of Allergy & Immunology and had been Elected onto a position in governing body as Treasurer and on Editorial board of Journal of Allergy – Asthma and Applied Immunology.

He conducts the training course in Allergy testing and Immunotherapy at National Allergy Center & invited a speaker in national & international conferences and CME programs.

He has published more than 30 articles on Allergic diseases in National and International Journal, & is the author of a book on Allergy & Asthma published in 1992 & revised in 2006.

He had been principal Investigator in Clinical trials of Allergic disorders and at present is Concentrating on Cluster Subcutaneous (SCIT) Immunotherapy with Anti-IgE (Omalizumab) in:-

  • Complicated steroid-dependent allergic Bronchial-Asthma / (A.C.O.S) Asthma-COPD overlap syndrome.

  • Fungus sensitization Vs. A.B.P.A with Allergic chronic rhino-sinusitis with Br. Asthma.

  • Chronic Atopic dermatitis with Allergic Br. Asthma.

  • Food allergy with Allergic Br. Asthma & also working on combined sublingual(SLIT) immunotherapy with Anti- IgE (OMALIZUMAB) in Anaphylaxis/angioedema due to nuts, milk & eggs allergy.

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  • 38 yrs experience in clinical practice of allergy & asthma Diseases.
  • Chairmen - 13th training courses (3-Days) in Allergy testing and Immunotherapy, at National Allergy Center.
  • Invited speaker in national & international conferences in CME & workshop programs.
  • The innovative technique of allergy testing (PCK Technique) to diagnose-Food, Drugs, and Respiratory Allergy in infants & children by S.A.P.T method (Skin Application Pressure Test) and NIT(Nasal inhalation Test).

I am extremely thankful for your continuous encouragement in my speciality of Allergy-Asthma diseases. I am pleased to share with you that as a part of improving the potency & quality of ALLERGEN VACCINE, I have started SLIT ( Sublingual-Immunotherapy) & Cluster / Rush Immunotherapy in IgE-medicated Allergic Diseases with Anti-IgE (Omalizumab). To achieve MTD (Maximum Tolerance Dose) in 1-2 moths.

Allergy is a multi-organ systemic disease. Why some children develop Asthma, others rhinitis & food Allergy? Genes hold the key to many atopy-phenotypes. Gentic influences & the Environment factors have been identified as cause for Allergic Diseases. Even BRONCHIAL ASTHMA should not be viewed only as on inflammatory disorder, because bronchial remodelling has been observed in children before the onset of asthmatic symptoms . In Order to detect the causative allergens in Environment-POLLENS, FUNGI, DUSTS, MITES, INSECTS, DANDER, FURS, FOODS & CHEMICALS etc. are tested. Immunotherapy is a method to reestablish normal immunity. It increases levels of IgG4 immunoglobulins & IL-10 producing cells & diminishes IL-4 & IL-5 levels. Immunotherapy is the only potential curative treatment for ALLERGIC- ASTHMA & RHINITIS DISEASES. The more money its costs to control a patient’s disease by symptomatic treatment, the more reasonable it is to consider Immunotherapy as an alternative- vaccines for Allergy and Asthma. Cochrane review Considered Meta-analysis of 88 trials & has confirmed the efficacy of IT (Immunotheropy) in significant reduction of Asthma Symptoms, need of medications & non-specific bronchial hyper reactivity IT (Immunotherapy) prevent incidence of new Senstization & prevent further progression of disease. Immunotherapy can change your life – Reduce symptoms through out the year – less severe reactions when exposed to an allergen – a more care free life, long lasting efficacy in controlled trials 6-7 years (NHLBI & GINA Guidelines for Diagnosis & Treatment ofAsthma JACI 2007/Eur Respir J 2008;31-143-178)

* Innocent “Sneeze” march towards prominent “Wheeze” if neglected. Do not suffer from disease in silence.