Cluster Immunotherapy

  • Allergy shots work by vaccinating against inhaled or sting insect allergens. Small amounts of allergen vaccines are injected in gradually increasing doses to achieve the maintenance dose.
  • Symptom relief does not begin until after reaching a maintenance dose and maximum relief occurs as the patient continues on a regular schedule of allergy shots.
  • Exposure to allergens in a controlled amount alters the body’s response to allergic triggers.

Dr. P.C Kathuria specializes in this innovative method of cluster immunotherapy. He has used the cluster technique over a 5 year period, after carefully selecting patient, premedication which will reduce the reaction, and monitoring during the procedure, will all contribute to its safety.

In cluster immunotherapy, Allergy sufferers get symptoms relief sooner using a procedure of rapid build-up to their allergy shot (immunotherapy) maintenance dose. The clustering procedure reduces the conventional length of time (months) it takes to reach a maintenance dose. An injection of diluted allergens Is given every fifteen minutes during a half-day protocol after pre-treating each patient. patient is required to return in one week to begin weekly injection at their maintenance level. T cells produce more interferon-gamma, an element that lowers allergic responses and shut off production of pro-allergic cytokines, which can cause wheezing, runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes.

Immunotherapy help patients who have allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, allergic sinus disease, or certain allergic skin condition. Patients taking cluster immunotherapy is able to benefit earlier and reduce medication sooner than a patient on the conventional method of reaching a maintenance dose.