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    Timings Monday to Friday (11 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
    1/3, East Patel Nagar
    (Opp. Metro Piller No. 181)
    New Delhi - 8
    Tel: (011) 25880057 / 25916170
    Mb No.: +91 93122 85947
    Email: pc_kathuria@yahoo.com
EMERGENCY HELPLINE NO.: +91 93122 85947
Welcome to National Allergy Centre

What We Do

A Comprehensive State of the Art diagnostic and treatment centre for ALLERGY and related environmental illnesses. Optimal Dose Immunotherapy is available for safe, effective rapid improvement of symptoms. Low dose Immunotherapy is available for individuals who do not tolerate escalation immunotherapy.

We have innovative technique of allergy testing (PCK Technique) to diagnose-Food and Respiratory Allergy in infants, children and dermographisim in Urticaria patients by S.A.P.T. method ( Skin Application Pressure Test) and Prick-Prick test.

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Training Center
Success Story
  • Dr. P. C. Kathuria
  • M.D. (Chest) D.N.B. (Resp Med.), D.TCD. FCAI. FCCP. (USA)

He is Sr. Consultant, Department of Allergy & Asthma, BLK Super Specialty Hospital & National Allergy Centre, New Delhi.

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Allergy Tests

  • Skin Prick Tests (SPT)
  • Skin Intradermal Tests (SIDT)
  • Prick-Prick Tests (PPT)
  • Scratch Tests, Scratch Patch Test
  • Atopy Patch Test (APT)
  • Skin Application Pressure Tests (SAPT)
  • P.C.K. Technique, Provocation Tests
  • Diet Elimination Tests
  • Total & Specific IgE.
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Pulse Oximetry, Nebulisher Therapy
  • Cpap / BIPAP for SNONER
  • C.O.P.D. Peak Flow
  • Meters For Monitoring Br. Asthma
  • Face Mask facilities Available
  • Environment Friendly
  • Non-Allergic Products Available
  • Anti-Smoking Therapy

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