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Dr. P. C. Kathuria

M.D. (Chest) D.N.B. (Resp Med.),

Dr. P.C. Kathuria. Sr. Consultant, Department of Allergy & Asthma, BLK Super Specialty Hospital & National Allergy Centre, New Delhi, started his career in Clinical practice of Allergy & Asthma in 1980.

He is a senior faculty member of Indian College of Allergy & Immunology and had been Elected onto a position in governing body as Treasurer and on Editorial board of Journal of Allergy - Asthma and applied Immunology.

He conducts training course in Allergy testing and Immunotherapy at National Allergy Center & invited speaker in national & international conferences and CME programs.

He has published more than 30 articles on Allergic diseases in National and International Journal, & is the author of a book on Allergy & Asthma published in 1992 & revised in 2006.

He had been principal Investigator in Clinical trials of Allergic disorders and at present is Concentrating on Cluster Subcutaneous (SCIT) Immunotherapy with Anti-IgE (Omalizumab) in:-

  1. Complicated steroid-dependent allergic Bronchial-Asthma / (A.C.O.S) Asthma-COPD overlap syndrome.
  2. Fungus sensitization Vs. A.B.P.A with Allergic chronic rhino-sinusitis with Br. Asthma.
  3. Chronic Atopic dermatitis with Allergic Br. Asthma.
  4. Food allergy with Allergic Br. Asthma & also working on combined sublingual(SLIT) immunotherapy with Anti- IgE (OMALIZUMAB) in Anaphylaxis/angioedema due to nuts, milk & eggs allergy.

He has keen interest in HAE (Hereditary Angiodema) survey to detect the magnitude of Problems in India.

He also has innovative technique of allergy testing (PCK Technique) to diagnose-Food, Drugs and Respiratory Allergy in infants, children by S.A.P.T method (Skin Application Pressure Test) and Prick-Prick test in fresh Foods & Vegetables allergy



  • NO DRUGS should be taken by the patient on the due date of allergy testing.
  • ALL ANTIHISTAMINES & TRANQUILIZERS should be stopped before 48 hours before the date of Allergy - Testing.
  • If the patient has to take medicines everyday Then all the drugs should be stopped by 11 p.m. previous night before the due date of allergy testing it means the Iast dose of SALBUTAMOL and DERIPHYLLINE etc. to take drugs again during the night. One can take sodium Cromo at 11 p.m. If it is necessary to take drugs again during the night. One can take sodium Cromo glycate or prednisolone 5 mg. with or without Aminophylline or salbutamol before 4 a.m. Then Iast dose should not contain any anty-histaminies or long acting Ephedrine preparations otherwise the results of the allergy testing may be wrong.
  • If you are a case of asthma, cough or other systemic symptoms, please bring chest X-ray film.
  • If the cause of allergy in a patient is identified as a result of these investigations, then a special antigen (Vaccine) is prepplied to the family physician along with instructions.
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